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The Mohawk Harbor, where our casino sits was once home to the mighty ALCo plant, an American manufacturer of locomotives, diesel generators, steel and tanks that operated from 1901 to 1969. During World War II, ALCo built munitions for the war effort and continued to do so until 1953. This, along with the many service men and women who call Schenectady and the surrounding area home, make for a unique and rich military history.

Today and every day, Rivers Casino salutes your service.


We invite all Veterans and Actively Enlisted men and women to visit Rush Rewards to pick up an exclusive Rivers Salutes Rush Rewards Card, which can be used for special discounts and offers.

Rivers Salutes Our Veteran Team Members

<h4>Tyrone Anderson</h4>

Tyrone Anderson

Army 1983-1985 Start Date September 2021 Warehouse
<h4>Freddy Ingleton</h4>

Freddy Ingleton

Army 1972-1974 Start Date January 2019 Marketing Ambassador
<h4>Darren Miller</h4>

Darren Miller

Navy 1978-1982 Start Date January 2017 Dealer
<h4>Scott Skelton</h4>

Scott Skelton

Marines 1983-1986 Start date January 2017 Floor supervisor
<h4>AJ Kemp</h4>

AJ Kemp

Navy 1974-1977 Start date January 2017 Dealer
<h4>Joseph Eng</h4>

Joseph Eng

Navy 1999-2006 Start date April 2018 Dealer
<h4>Kirk Hawk </h4>

Kirk Hawk 

Navy 1981-1985  Start Date January 2017 Dealer