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Mega Rush

Featured Monthly Poker Tournament

11:15AM & 6:15PM
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Check out our Featured Monthly Tournament!

Mega Rush $200,000 GTD $560 Buy-In


7/19 - Day 1A - 6:15PM

7/20 - Day 1B - 11:15AM

7/21 - DAY 1C - 11:15AM

7/22 - DAY 1D - 11:15AM

7/23 - DAY 2 - 11:15AM

Day 2 is in the Money!


1. This is a two-day tournament with 4 starting flights. 

2. Players receive 40,000 in tournament chips.

3. Registration, late entry, and unlimited re-entry per day will end before the start of Level 13. All late entries and re-entries will receive a full chip stack.

4. Any player that completes more than one Day 1 flight, will only be entitled to take the largest stack forward to Day 2. Levels will be 30 mins in length for Day 1, 45 mins for Day 2.

5. Day 1 will conclude immediately when 12% of the field remains. Day 2 players will be in the money and will receive the minimum payout.

6. Redraws from Day 1 will occur at the beginning of day 2 and then again when the field reaches 27 & 9 players.

7. Nine players will advance to  the final table.

8. Poker Shift Managers' decision is final.

9. Rivers Casino Philadelphia reserves the right to alter, change, or cancel the event. 

10. Rivers Casino Philadelphia will not be responsible in the event of typographical errors or misinformation on the website or printed material pertaining to this event.  Players will not have any claim in these matters.

11. Seating may be limited

12. Residents of foreign countries without a US tax treaty will be subject to withholding.

13. Each hand, the Big Blind will be required to also place the ante. 

14. $483 contributed to prize pool. $60 registration fee. $17 will be withheld for dealer fee