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Day 1A Results

Rivers Casino
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Jan 19, 2020

161 players kicked off our first big tournament of the year. Day 1A retained 24 players at the end of 15 levels. Those 24 will join the remaining players from the other 11 flights at Sunday’s Day 2 at 12pm. Day 1B kicks off at 7PM.

Here are the Day 1A results:


Alex Feldman
1st Place


Michael Blood
2nd Place


Gregory Thompson
3rd Place


Nick Masino
4th Place


Adam Ball
5th Place


Simon Levy
6th Place


Chris Lemmo
7th Place


Byron Vereschagin
8th Place


Joseph Alex Lieb
9th Place


Robert Sicherste
10th Place


Daniel Pang
11th Place


Sam Husar
12th Place


Andrew Namoth
13th Place


Michael Anthony
14th Place


Robert M. Johnson
15th Place


David Gettemy
16th Place


Zachary Mamrol
17th Place


Nicholas Janakowski
18th Place


Gino Wachter
19th Place


Norman Rodgers
20th Place


Axel Rodriguez
21st Place


Lamont Purnell
22nd Place


Jennifer Sidote
23rd Place


Yingxin Chen
24th Place


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