Cashless Wagering


Transfer funds to your favorite slot machine right from your players card!


What is Cashless Wagering (CWA)?
CWA is an exciting new feature for our guests who want the ease and accessibility of cashless wagering!

Stop by the Cashier cage to request your funds to be deposited into your CWA account. The minimum amount for deposit is $100.

A "Cashless Wager Deposit" receipt will print the amount being deposited as well as recording your total balance.

You will sign the receipt as acknowledgement of the deposit. 

Proceed to your favorite slot machine to download your funds.

How do I download the money that I've added?
It is the same process as downloading Free Slot Play, but you click on "Cashless Wagering" instead of "Free Slot Play" when downloading. More instructions are available at the Cashier cage.

If I want to cash out my funds at the end of my trip, what do I do?
Once you take your Player's Card out of the slot machine, your funds will upload right back onto your card. While your Player's Card is still in the slot machine, you can print a voucher and cash it at the Main Cashier or any Ticket Redemption Machine. Withdrawals from your account can also be made at the Cashier cage. A "Cashless Wager Withdrawal" receipt will print with the amount of withdrawal and the total balance, if applicable. 

How do I unlock my PIN if it gets locked? 
If you have forgotten your PIN Number or it is locked, you can visit the Players Club or get assistance from a Slot Attendant.

Can I add funds to my CWA account at a slot machine?
Yes! With your Players Club Card in the slot machine, you can add vouchers or bills to your credits. Once you remove your card from the slot machine, all funds on the machine will upload onto your CWA Account. 

For more questions, you can visit the Cashier Cage for more assistance.